About Windsor

We are delighted to welcome you to beautiful Windsor – the City of Roses – and a proud international gateway between Canada and the United States. You can expect a world-class competition and hospitality experience. We look forward to hosting you.

Getting to Windsor

Travelling to Windsor, Ontario will likely take you through Toronto's Pearson International Airport. From Toronto, you can connect to Windsor by air via the Windsor International Airport, or by rail via the Windsor Train Station.

Windsor International Airport is a 40-minute bus or a 20-minute taxi to downtown Windsor.

Windsor Train Station is a 25-minute bus or 7-minute taxi ride to downtown Windsor.

International travel visas

For information about whether or not you require further documentation to enter Canada, visit the Government of Canada website  .

Getting around Windsor

Transit Windsor's extensive bus system can get you anywhere in the city you need to go. Pay with exact fare or purchase a reloadable Smart Ride card and be on your way.

In addition to buses, both Uber and taxis operate in Windsor 24/7 using local currency.

For more information about Windsor and planning your trip, visit: